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Atlas In The News: Fog Catcher reviewed in AECbytes

Monday 1st November 2010

The Namibian Hydrological Centre of Excellence entry for the 'Be Inspired' Awards 2010, one of 320 nominations from 249 organizations, was presented by Atlas as one of the 3 finalist contenders for the Innovation in Building Award.

Bentley's CEO Greg Bentley said, "The participants of this year's awards are being acknowledged for their exceptional talent and achievements in innovatively employing information modelling and collaboration technology and implementing best practices in sustaining infrastructure. Their work is an inspiration to us all!"

The Atlas entry also attracted the attention of AECbytes founder and editor Lachmi Khemlani, who noted in his recent 'Bentley's "Be Inspired" 2010 Event' article,

"The other two finalists in the "Innovation in Building" category were also very interesting projects. Atlas Industries, an A/E firm based in Vietnam showed a theoretical design project, the Namibian Hydrological Centre of Excellence, which was inspired by the method used by Namibian desert beetles to catch moisture from the air. Labeled the "Fogcatcher", the design uses "sails" to capture large droplets of water from desert fog, the idea being that it could be replicated in multiple locations along the Western Coast of Namibia to meet the country's growing challenge of finding sufficient potable water for its people. This particular project was designed to be an education center that actively demonstrates alternative means of fresh-water generation, but the concept could be applied to other building types as well."

He went on the add that that "the large amount of work that was put into researching and developing the concept and the design was very impressive".

Matt Parkes, Director of Architecture at Atlas, commented that the "use of Bentley software for 3D modeling, visualization, and analysis of some critical components of the building allowed for deeper understanding on how to develop the concept and design of what is, at present, a hypothetical building". He added, "We are very pleased to have been recognised for our technical expertise in the Bentley suite against such an impressive list of entrants and are particularly proud to have been part of this project."

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