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Atlas Organise Vietnam's First BIM Roundtable

Sunday 23rd January 2011

Atlas was proud to organise Vietnam’s first BIM Roundtable event, bringing together leaders from the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate industries. Organised by the Atlas Authorised Training Centre (ATC) and facilitated by Matt Rumbelow from Atlas, the event was held in Ho Chi Minh City on 19th January. The aim of the day was to explore the key business challenges facing the construction industry in Vietnam with the new methods of designing and delivering projects. The discussion centred on the realisation of the benefits associated with Building Information Modelling (BIM), and tools such as Revit. 

A recent report asserted that over 50% of US practices are now using BIM, and that “the vast majority are experiencing real business benefits directly attributable to BIM”. Reducing rework, improving productivity, and reducing conflicts/changes during construction are the top rated ways industry leaders say BIM saves time and money. 

The Vietnam BIM Roundtable found that even though there are early adopters within Vietnam, there is still a need to provide more support and adoption incentives for the industry. Few practices are realising the benefits of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and some early BIM adopters are becoming frustrated at the pace of adoption among other consultants. There is a need to encourage the adoption of BIM and IPD strategies across all disciplines to truly realise the technology’s full potential, and participants hope to see more incentives in the future. It was also encouraging to see building owners and developers present at the event, suggesting early signs that the 4D and 5D benefits of BIM could be soon realised within Vietnam. 

Participants were from international as well as local practices, and they commented that “the session is truly fantastic in the sense it opens more understanding of BIM Practices”. The Roundtable event was followed by the Atlas Autodesk University Extension Event, attended by 100 architects and engineers from Ho Chi Minh to learn about current best practice and industry trends for using Revit. 

Both events are part of the wider goal of Atlas to support the adoption of BIM within the AEC industry. In addition to running events such as these, Atlas focuses on providing innovative project resourcing solutions and delivery consultation to the world’s leading practices. To find out how Atlas can help you implement BIM and deliver more projects for less, visit our website at, or contact our BIM resourcing consultant Matt Rumbelow on

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