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Sefaira Energy Modeling Software

Thursday 27th November 2014

Atlas working with Sefaira energy modeling software and leading sustainability architectural practices in developing lean methods of working…

Creating sustainable design solutions for our modern world is one of the continual challenges facing architects and engineers today. Balancing the economic, social and environmental influencers of sustainability can only be done if accurate data is available to the architect to allow them to provide informed advise to their clients. Historically this accurate data has only become available once the MEP engineer is appointed and has carried out their building modeling. This is typically too late in the process, once the overall building form and construction approach has been decided upon, the cost of change may be excessive.

Using the industry leading Sefaira energy analysis software Atlas can assist architects to carry out rapid energy modeling of their concept schemes, allowing informed decisions to be taken earlier in the design process. Carbon emissions, utility costs, energy and water consumption can all be measured using Sefaira’s unique optimization software to rapidly test alternatives approaches to building envelope design, heating and cooling systems, selection of water fixtures, and the integration of renewable technologies.

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