Atlas at BILT ANZ 2018

Jul 18, 2018 | Press release | 0 comments

Atlas’ R&D Specialist Trieu Nguyen Luu and BIM Developer Vinh Pho Huang recently presented a session on HoloLens at the BILT conference in Brisbane, Australia.

Attendees shared our enthusiasm about the capacity for HoloLens and Unity software to bring cost and time savings and increase innovation in our industry: sharing our workflow to build a model in Revit, bringing in data from outside the model. BILT attendees like detail!

We also showed examples of HoloLens, Unity and Unreal in action. Advances in in MR (and AR) have the capacity to change our industry and the conference keynote speaker Ashraf Habibullah from Computers and Structures Inc had reminded attendees that our industry changes communities, changing people’s world.

Our session showcased Unity’s toolkit, which, fittingly for gaming software, enables technicians to play around with models and builds as well as engage with data and their team within the model, checking assets against plans – all from a conference room in Brisbane.

We had some fun too – bringing HoloLens and Oculus headsets for attendees to try. The new Oculus had been released days prior to the conference and at AUS $200 compared to US $5,000 for a HoloLens headset, attendees were keen to hear about the pros and cons of the headsets and software.

In his keynote speech, Habibullah talked about the importance of being able to talk about our work, as well as to do it. He quoted 1915 findings from the Carnegie Institute stating that only 15% of financial success is down to technical knowledge, whilst 85% is due to soft skills: including people’s ability to talk about their work and lead others. The percentages may have changed but Atlas prides itself on our ability to talk about our work.

That’s why conferences are so valuable – they take us from our digital caves and our specialist teams to meet with other tech leaders. We get to learn together – and teach others what we are learning from our own experience.

See you at the next BILT conference!