Future of BIM in Hong Kong

Jul 18, 2018 | Press release | 0 comments

Atlas’ Hong Kong-based advisor Thomas Tang is passionate about the role of technology in creating a sustainable world. In May 2018 he celebrated Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s recognition of the value of BIM in an article featured in the HK General Chamber of Commerce magazine The Bulletin.

In her October 2017 Policy Address Lam declared a commitment to, “adopt BIM technology in the design and construction of major government and capital works projects that are scheduled to start in 2018 and promote the use of this technology in private construction projects.”

Hong Kong has joined other jurisdictions in recognising BIM’s ability to improve productivity and lower the future costs of building as it progresses through the seven dimensions of BIM, from 2D and 3D documentation, to include time, cost, sustainability and asset management.

Tang’s article addresses the high cost of BIM software and training and the need for skilled BIM practitioners to realise the rewards of using BIM. Atlas has recently delivered a complex project in Hong Kong, creating a BIM model to enable the design and planning of a viaduct connecting three major cities of Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai. Our work enabled a cost saving of US $20 million: an expenditure-saving ratio of 20:1.

Tang’s article concludes by a consideration of the future integration of BIM and (Geographic Information Systems) GIS and a belief that Hong Kong’s gradual adoption of BIM is a golden opportunity to transform Hong Kong’s built environment.

Read the article here and contact Thomas Tang for more information.