Five minutes with… Michael Andrzejczyk

Oct 9, 2018 | Blog

Michael Andrzejczyk, MEP Project Manager

What were you doing before you discovered Atlas?

I spent the early part of my career in Germany where I developed my career initially in design and engineering, before moving onto MEP project management working on very interesting projects across multiple sectors.

I moved to Asia three years ago and continued to work across Asian and German MEP projects – taking projects from design to construction and gaining an understanding of the different international codes as well as developing my understanding of BIM – I have always loved technology.

How long have you been at Atlas?

Four months – although it seems like four years because I fit in so well.

Tell me about your role? (What are you responsible for? What’s a typical day?)

I mainly manage MEP projects – my own engineering expertise. Currently, I am working with teams on two MEP projects and one large multidisciplinary project, which is especially interesting because each discipline such as architecture, structure and landscape has its own priority focus.

Although each day is different, my approach is the same: I get into the office early to plan my day and organise the team, and check if any issues have come up overnight – then I ensure the team responds quickly!

What makes you happy about your role?

I love the variety of people and environments I work with (and within). When you manage a project, you have to think about people as well as the design and progress of a project. This makes my role more interesting and challenging.

What are the biggest challenges of your role?

These relate to my previous answer. I would say that people management is the most challenging area of my role. I make sure I consider people as individuals. Each person is different has a different character and has different knowledge and experience, so you need to know how to read people and act accordingly.

What (if anything) surprised you about Atlas?

For sure their experience and expertise in BIM. There are not many companies in Southeast Asia with BIM Level 2 accreditation from the UK.

Have you ever…

Been in the Digital Cave?
Not yet.
Tried on a HoloLens headset?
Done karaoke?
Yes – although I have absolutely zero talent for singing.
Owned a motorbike?
Yes and to be honest, after three years of living In Vietnam, I cannot imagine life here without it.

Outside of work I like to…

Relax with friends playing board games or bowling.

Tell me one thing your colleagues don’t know about you (yet?)

I think that they don’t know that I absolutely LOVE durian in all forms – as the fruit itself, as ice-cream… I love it.