Atlas co-develops Autodesk Navisworks® navigation app

Apr 17, 2019 | Press release | 0 comments

Atlas is delighted to launch its first design navigation app in partnership with co-developer Buildfore.

R&D professionals from both organisations collaborated to produce an application which allows users to navigate a 3D model using a controller specifically designed for 3D movement, an Xbox controller, rather than a keyboard and mouse.

The team wanted to enable easier and more intuitive on-site or off-site navigation of BIM models. As an Autodesk trainer, Atlas was a natural partner for construction technologist Buildfore. Atlas Director of Operations Steve Read explains the rationale behind its development,

“The construction industry is leading others in adapting gaming technology for its own aims. This innovation seemed like a logical step for us. We hope the app will encourage others within our industry to explore BIM and to co-create apps with us. The R&D team at Atlas enjoy collaborating with others and we definitely enjoy breaking new ground.”

Contact Steve Read for more information about co-creating an application and click here to download CtrlWiz.