Atlas celebrates the start of the school year for 300 H’Mong children with a mid-Autumn Festival

Aug 27, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Atlas’ Saigon-based employees are practising for a September ‘Mid-Autumn Festival where forty members of staff will swap their computers for balloons as they organise entertainment for 300 H’Mong children and award scholarships to 50 children to enable them to purchase books, uniforms and tuition fees.

Atlas has a long relationship with schools in the Saigon area and has worked with the H’Mong community in previous years.

Resources Manager Buu Ha Gia is coordinating this activity for Atlas and has been working with leaders in the H’Mong community. He has been delighted that so many of Atlas’ people want to get involved.

“Our people are looking forward to a weekend that is fun and has real meaning. We hope to raise 81,000,000 VND and enable 50 children to attend and enjoy their education this coming year.”