BILT stronger together

Apr 28, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

The power of partnership

At Atlas, we believe in the power of partnerships. We believe more is achieved through collaboration than isolation and we believe sharing knowledge makes us stronger. Two beats one and together is better than alone.

Never is this more true than in our relationship with the Digital Built Environment Institute (DBEI), the minds behind Digital Built Week and the BILT conference series.

The partnership is a meeting of minds, brought about by shared values, common goals and a desire to improve the industry.

How did this exciting collaboration come about?

“It’s a relationship that has grown naturally over many years,” explains Richard Munt, Commercial Director at Atlas. “We support each other, share knowledge and hold similar views on technology. There couldn’t be a better initiative for Atlas to be associated with.”

BILT events focus on training in the use of BIM tools, processes and workflows, as well as project and practice strategies and leadership skills. The subject matter is perfectly suited to Atlas’ specialist knowledge. And this year we’ll be sharing knowledge online instead of in person.

Peter Morgan, Director of Business Development at DBEI adds, “We are thrilled that Atlas is a partner of our 2020-21 series of BILT and Digital Built Week events around the world. The alignment of Atlas’ solutions and expertise with the content of BILT programmes, and the working needs of our event attendees Is a strong one. That Atlas takes such a collaborative approach to learning and sharing of best practice makes their contribution to DBEI content and ‘pushing of the Innovation envelope’ a real win-win.”

Stronger together

Atlas and DBEI have core values in common. We both believe strongly in technology as an enabler for better collaboration, are committed to improving how the industry works together, and possess premier global BIM and digital design knowledge.

“We both care about sharing knowledge, working smarter and more collaboratively.” Richard says. “By sharing and collaborating we help each other achieve our common goals.”

“For example,” he continues, “The BILT audience is a technical one. Being part of their community helps us stay on top of technical knowledge, keeps up to date with current trends and makes sure our people continue to be connected with best practice from all over the world.”

Richard sees Digital Built Week as an opportunity to shine a light on the unsung heroes of our industry. “We are able to profile people who might not usually get the opportunity, he explains. “Those technical people who are usually too busy delivering projects. It’s a chance to get their voices heard.”

A community of collaborators

As a ‘by users, for users’ community, DBEI is dedicated to improving the way the industry works together, with the aim of making it smarter and creating a stronger, more sustainable built environment. Their events mix education and networking, giving people plenty of opportunities to listen and be heard, probe and challenge, and to give and gain.

“With a global portfolio and teams embedded in projects that are truly at the cutting edge of digital project design and delivery, we truly value Atlas’ contribution to DBEI content and our global community” says Peter.

It is a perfect way for Atlas to engage with an audience of experts. “Knowledge sharing is one of our key activities,” states Richard Munt. “Usually it’s with our clients and colleagues. But the BILT community brings an audience who can truly appreciate the issues we have tackled and what we have achieved.”

He concludes: “Our partnership with BILT promises to be fruitful for everyone involved. Through it, we intend to strengthen our connections with current clients and collaborators and hope to create new relationships and visibility in new markets.”