Covid-19, Atlas Business Continuity

Apr 9, 2020 | Press release | 0 comments

Atlas’ COVID-19 business continuity

Update from the CEO.

Vietnam continues to see a relatively small incidence of Covid-19 cases. The Government has maintained and reinforced its control measures.

Atlas complies fully with government guidelines for social distancing and hygiene in the office environment as does our landlord for the shared areas of the E-Town site in Saigon, where our main operations centre is. 

To date we have no reported Covid-19 cases among Atlas staff.

A very few staff have spent the regulation period in quarantine on returning from overseas travel and others have been in isolation at home when suspected cases have been found in their apartment buildings. The people concerned are able to work remotely in these circumstances.

We have introduced two principal additions to our resilience plans.

First, we have enhanced our work from home (WFH) capability enabling our staff to work remotely using the Atlas system hosted in our operations centre. Around 75% of our professional staff are using this secure facility to WFH, allowing us to maintain full system access and generous inter-personal spacing for those who continue to come into the office.

Second, we have installed a duplicate server in an independent data centre, with back-up to cloud facilities. This back up system will ensure full continuity of our operations, in WFH mode, should we not be able to access the office. 

Our systems have been successfully adapted to, and live-tested in, WFH mode.

We continue to provide our full range of services to our clients, with the capacity to take on new projects. During turbulent times, we are pleased to be relied on by so many.

The Atlas team wish you all well. Stay safe.
Sam Houston.