Business insight – Part I : Vietnam Perspective

Feb 8, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Message from Atlas founder, Chairman 

Joe Woolf

“Happy New Year! Rarely has a new year been so warmly welcomed if only because the previous year was so shocking. We wish the world every success but the challenges awaiting us are significant: with at least 4 or perhaps as many as 6 billion people to vaccinate and new virus variants coming to light, little can be assured.”



From the Atlas perspective there are good reasons to be optimistic:

I. Vietnam pandemic success

The government has behaved promptly and responsibly whilst retaining the goodwill, respect and support of the 100m population. Year-on-year GDP growth has been more than halved but, at 2.6%, it remains positive and, with pent up demand building, it could well bounce back and exceed pre-pandemic levels.

II. Remote working

Any fears amongst existing and prospective Atlas clients regarding remote working have been dispelled through the crisis – most if not all companies have been obliged to master the technology and operational challenges of working from home. After 20 years of proving it possible, the feasibility of remote working is finally no longer in question.

III. Confident long term partnership

Few, if any, practices are entirely confident as to the future of their longer-term order books. Most are seeking ways to contain fixed costs while increasing the flexibility of their resources, capabilities and capacity – all aspects that can be enhanced through partnering with Atlas.

Quite how far the impact of the pandemic will change the design of our cities, suburbs, infrastructure and lifestyles remains to be seen but, even with the reduction of overall economies in most countries, the scale of investment in design and construction is truly immense.

We’re content with that and wish you, your families, colleagues and companies a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

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