Welcome to our new collaborator

Apr 26, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Additional technical focus & continuing BIM development at Atlas.  

The business of Digital design partnering and outsource is an extremely dynamic scene. Once the domain of Architects and Engineers it is now morphing into the Construction, manufacturing and Asset management sectors requiring additional complexity and diverse solutions.

In the last two years, our business has changed dramatically, from the bulk of our work is producing models and working drawings for consultants, now morphing into other areas utilizing the digital models and BIM for targeted benefits. We have seen the demand grow in the following sectors:

  • Model management for construction companies and sub-contractors
  • Conversion from various software systems to Revit and back again to the original software
  • The advent of Digital twins for property management, development management, and Urban development
  • Design of manufacturing plants and systems

Atlas understands that we too need to grow and to be able to provide sound advice to our clients. As a result, we have expanded our New Zealand-based operation and have employed a BIM Technical Manager and Advisor trained in NZ, who knows and understands the code-related industry nuances in New Zealand and who is committed to digital innovation.

We welcome to our team Tommy Shinn to our team. Tommy is highly experienced in VDC (Virtual Design and Construction).

Atlas engaged Tommy as a direct response to feedback from our clients asking for an ‘on the spot’ NZ representative. Our goal is to build key digital partnerships with our clients, enabling seamless delivery and consistent quality.

Outsourced digital partnerships are challenging as they are still at the pioneering stage in New Zealand. Atlas recognise this and are committed to “building better”.

Tommy will join Neil Barr our local New Zealand Business Director. Tommy and Neil will be backed up by our production team of 220 degree qualified Architectural and Engineering staff experienced in delivering projects around the world with leading design consultancies, contractors, and asset owners. Atlas are dedicated to providing efficient services to you, delivering on time, to required quality, and within agreed budgets.