5 minutes with Loan Thanh

May 7, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

We have the pleasure to introduce to you Loan Thanh our Architect Manager. She will talk about her experience at Atlas.

What were you doing before you discovered Atlas? 

Before joining Atlas, I worked at the National General Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company for nearly a year. I had seized the chance to work on high-security projects such as the State Treasury, which gave me the first overview of real-life architecture in Vietnam.
At the same time, for a short while, I had the opportunity to return to University as a visiting lecturer. Besides that, I also continued to study in Idecaf every evening to get DELF.

What brings you to Atlas? 

Recommendations from my best friends.
I was part of a group of young architects who researched and performed group assignments together at University. Not coincidentally, Atlas was on our list of top companies to work for in architecture technology in Ho Chi Minh City.

How long have you been at Atlas?

Since late 2013.
The timing of being recruited was very special to me; I immediately had the opportunity to participate in training in Microstation courses and long-term Aecosim courses, studying directly with foreign experts invited by Atlas. With my previous Revit background, I began to see BIM not just as 3D modeling, or a phrase that could be interchangeable with CAD, but seeing BIM as a philosophy that we have to commit to if we will get the most out of it.
After 7 years of my development in the industry and witnessing that digital technology is rapidly evolving and supporting our operations as they are today, in retrospect, everything is extraordinary.

What’s the focus of your role?

Since joining our Company, I have been fortunate to be directly involved in many large-scale projects from clients in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the Middle-East in various sectors & stages of document production and using the BIM process.
As an Architecture Manager, one of my principal responsibilities is to manage the architectural documentation team under my management to ensure the quality of our outputs fully complies with the project BEP & PEP.
In parallel, I work closely with the Group Manager and the commercial & proposal teams to ensure coverage, define the scope of work, estimate the completion time within an approved budget to bring the most benefits to our clients, and also consistent with the Company’s strategy.
Another part of my role is developing and mentoring my teams and interviewing new employees. I have a personal operational strategy for my team to help them have time to balance and refocus after each project. 

What makes you happy about working at Atlas?

Environment for learning:
We are driven to improve individually and collectively, receiving enough training and opportunities to develop.
There is much to learn from enthusiastic colleagues, international professional clients, and a huge database of projects and BIM knowledge.

Motivation at work – Joy – Friendships:
A valued working relationship with the team and especially Clients.
“A real big Thank you!!! I can’t even imagine how you guys managed to scope with it…”
“It has been an absolute pleasure working with every one of you, and hoping we can design and document many more projects together in the future!”
“I believe I’ve promised you some photos a while back. Hoping these will give you an idea of the project. Have a lovely weekend, and thank you very much for all your help.”
“Everything is still in my mind! Great to see both buildings on the ground now. Excellent team to work with.” – from my special leader.

“- Kindly send it today for coordination, please.
– It’s late here, but we have done it for you – just still checking and send shortly.
– Thanks, Thanh. The time gap has increased between here and Viet Nam!
– You only recognize now? (…)”

“Thanh, send your team home please, and thank you, […] Enjoy the match and hope Viet Nam wins!!!”
“Hey Thanh, how’s Covid’s situation there? Here another lockdown for a month after the second wave. We are back WFH full time but as long as work goes on. It’s not too bad. […] That’s unbelievable … to know scenarios in Viet Nam!”
“We care, we are moving forward, we will get through this together, and we work from home.” – caption to the team about the pandemic in 2020.

Can you describe a typical day?

“A typical day cannot lack caffeine as a habit” – I usually appeared in the Etown II lobby at a fixed time to wait for the elevator with a cup of filter coffee prepared in hand.

Honestly, like other typical Atlaser checking Outlook constantly at midnight, business begins with the priority task pre-arranged in my mind before I come to the office. My job involves discussing and assigning tasks to the team leader and members, clarifying their questions, and tracking the progress. Also, I respond and contact clients as needed and assist superiors in reviewing and setting the fee or scope of work for new projects to meet client expectations.

What (if anything) surprised you about Atlas?

As a Millennial, I feel excited about the digital transformation in architecture that our company always keeps up with the trends of our times. I also respect the first idea of starting a company from the very beginning.

By the year 2021, our Company will have been established for 23 years. My time at Atlas has been for over 1/3 of those years, meaning I inherited almost 2/3 of my predecessors’ background and knowledge. So, many things that amaze and inspired me to include the way the organization operates human resources to create its own corporate culture; the enormous database system; the number of multi-disciplinary projects; the innovation and improvement through the ups and downs of the market cycle; the focus on training BIM processes, project and practice strategies, and leadership skills.

What advice would you pass to someone entering the industry?

“Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.” It is a part of my inspiration from Ms. Sheryl.
What is your purpose in your career? In other words, who would you want to be?
You probably will not have the answers right now. But if you keep it in mind, you will be motivated to learn and improve yourself each day.

How do you spend your spare time? 

Every year, after busy times, I spend all my days off traveling to new lands, taking practical architecture tours. But this year we should stay home for a well-known reason. So, going back to my annual challenge checklist, reading a financial book, learning a new skill …

Tell me one thing your colleagues don’t know about you (yet?)

Send your CV to ‘recruitment@atlasindustries.com’ first, and find out the answers in your own way when we will be colleagues.