Our Expertise

Atlas supports clients across the architectural, engineering and construction sectors. We share our digital design and documentation expertise and become part of your team, sometimes your project manager.


Moving architectural and engineering design concepts into something real.

We work closely with many of the world’s biggest and most innovative architects and engineers. Our collaborations take many forms. We help clients to make better use of technology so that they can focus on the overall design and be more creative. We are often at the heart of a design team, coordinating architectural and engineering specialists so that they deliver work that meets the highest global design standards. Our clients can see their designs develop, test options and add data as the project progresses.

We bring cutting-edge technical expertise that helps design teams stay on budget and within programme in an industry that demands innovation – every construction project is unique.


Reducing risks on site through fully integrated multi-disciplinary projects.

BIM technology comes into its own when a design moves to site. Your BIM model has produced the precise specifications and fabrication drawings for the supply chain and deliveries are scheduled for precisely the right moment. Construction sequencing software shows the safest and most efficient way to build, enabling different activities to take place concurrently. Site workers use augmented reality and mixed reality technologies for precise implementation of the design. Nothing is left to chance. As the build progresses, we put data back into the BIM model, capturing what was really built. Your BIM model becomes a tool for managing your built asset.

We help construction teams get it right first time, on time and in budget, reducing risk and saving lives.


Using intelligent models for the management and operation of built assets.

The built environment changes when it’s in use. Pavements and pipes need repairing, windows break, lightbulbs need replacing, retail tenants come and go. An accurate BIM model makes this straightforward: it contains data on all the things that have gone into the build, from bricks to lightbulbs, and can alert your facilities management team. You’ll know precisely what needs doing, when and with which pieces.

And when it’s time to extend or refurbish, the first phase of the design work – understanding what’s there – has already been done. Reviewing options and agreeing a design become easy tasks.









Leisure, Sport & Cultural




Our documentation is exact. We are ISO19001 certified and enable architects to take their designs through planning to site.

Our data models are exact. We are BIM Level 2 certified and enable engineers and contractors to plan their builds via robust time sequencing, exact costings and asset management.

Our people are technically exact. We are an authorised training centre for Autodesk and Graphisoft and our engineers and architects are expert in 45 platforms including Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla and AECOsim+.

We can help you to create a smarter, faster and safer construction process through:

  • 3D modelling and documentation
  • Front-end design support
  • Multi-disciplinary co-ordination
  • Clash detection
  • BIM documentation support
  • Construction sequencing
  • Quantity take off
  • Computational design
  • Point cloud modelling
  • Rendering and animation
  • 3D visualisation: augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality


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Singapore: +65 3158 2014
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UK: +44 203 695 8113
Vietnam: +84 28 3810 1000