Enabling Global Collaboration


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We are delighted to share that on December 6th 2023 Nigel Ford, our Australia Director, participated as a speaker at Engineers Australia in Melbourne as part of their “Thought Leaders Series”. The event was sponsored by Revizto as one of their Field Days.
This event brought together industry leaders and experts to exchange insights and explore the increasing significance of applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) and advanced technologies in design and construction management. 
With over two decades of growth, Atlas has been at the forefront of adopting advanced technologies and new software for project execution and management. For the past six years, the Atlas team has been using Revizto for various projects, from a billion-dollar commercial development to smaller-scale building renovation. Currently, we have ten Level 1 Certified Revizto Users.
During his presentation at the event, Nigel shared the notable experience of Atlas in collaborating with global clients through the use of BIM and collaborative platforms. These platforms facilitate direct communication and seamless information exchange between Atlas and our clients' teams, saving time and maximising cost efficiencies.
The subject of Gender Diversity was also mentioned by Amanda Rodgers, the Chair of the event at the panel discussion and most people were talking about the percentage of female employees typically ranges from 10% to 14% across the construction industry when Nigel shared about the situation at Atlas, he received applause from the audience. Atlas has achieved a fairly balanced gender ratio, with approximately 51% male and 49% female employees. With increased recruitment efforts in recent years, there has been a slight change in the ratio, currently standing at 61% male and 39% female. This is considered an impressive figure in the industry.
Atlas is always committed to promoting gender diversity and creating an inclusive work environment to ensure a diverse workforce and we take pride in constantly innovating, shaping the future through our unwavering dedication and expertise.