Equipping the Atlas Team with Expertise for Singapore's Evolving Built Environment


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Recently, David Llorente, our Digital Director, and Hieu Doan Minh, our Senior Digital Coordinator, attended the 'Quick Adoption Revit IFC-SG' and 'CORONET X Regulatory Approval for Building Works (RABW)' courses. These courses offered a comprehensive overview of the upcoming transformations in Singapore's built environment sector. 



The "CORONET X Regulatory Approval for Building Works (RABW)" course provided a comprehensive overview of the upcoming changes to the regulatory approval process in Singapore. Participants learned about the new three-gateway submission process, the requirements at each stage, and the introduction of the Direct Submission Process (DSP) as part of the differentiated approach. Case studies and a preview of the Submission Portal further reinforced the practical implications of these industry-wide transformations.

The "Quick Adoption Revit IFC-SG" course equipped participants with a deep understanding of the CORENET X platform, the benefits of OpenBIM and IFC, and the practical application of IFC-SG model mapping within the Revit BIM authoring tool. Attendees gained hands-on experience in embedding relevant IFC-SG information into BIM models, as well as validating their compliance through the IFC-SG Validator.


As the built environment industry continues to evolve, this approach ensures Atlas stays at the forefront of regulatory changes and technological advancements.